Something Light before Conquering the Mountain

This is a typical dish from the coastal area of Peru.
Inspired by Richard’s wish to travel to Peru!


Machu Picchu

Photograph by Frank Tophoven, National Geographic


400/500 gr. of white fish (for two, as main dish)
1/2 red onion
1/2 red pepper
2 small chili peppers (fresh)
juice of 5 limes
cilantro leaves (fresh)
potatoes (standard or sweet potatoes)

Cut fish into smal cubes and mix with finely chopped onion. Add chopped red pepper and chili, a dash or two of salt and the fresh lime juice.
Marinate for several hours in the fridge (the fish should be firm to the touch and white, as if cooked the usual way). The lime juice literally “cooks” the fish. In doubt, leave in fridge overnight.
Before serving, drain the remainder of the juice. Sprinkle with freshly chopped cilantro (coriander leaves) and freshly ground pepper. If this is not available, ready ground black pepper will do. Or chili powder, if you can take it!!
This is delicious served with sweet potatoes and corn on the cob, which can be slightly grilled. Standard potatoes will do, as will rice, if someone doesn’t like spuds.
Ceviche has to be served chilled! An ideal summer dish. 🙂

NOTE: Fresh tuna can be used, as well. In this case, definitely marinate overnight!

  machupiccu3 machupiccu4 machupiccu5 machupiccu6

This looks like a man who’s ready to conquer Machu Picchu, doesn’t he?

Screencaps by Lanie from The Hobbit Movie twitter chat

This recipe was submitted by Anny.

With Misty Mountain Dreams,


4 thoughts on “Something Light before Conquering the Mountain

  1. Love ceviche but have never had it w/potatoes —

    Something else to keep in mind (learned this this summer while cooking for my immuno-suppressed mother): if making ceviche with whitefish, use an ocean whitefish or a commercially farmed variety if you are in the U.S. Many of the wild whitefish caught in U.S. streams and lakes have parasites. These are destroyed with cooking but should definitely not be eaten raw, and the pickling process involved in making ceviche is not always sufficient to eliminate them.

  2. I grew up by the ocean and so we’d watch the fishermen come in with the day’s catch and you can’t get fish any fresher than that! This is an excellent idea although I’m not sure about the potatoes. But a girl can always try something new!

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